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Hello! I’m blog reviewing!!

Hello all, my name is Sergio and I will be reviewing movies and games and whatever I think is worth a review on here (which may mostly stick to all things nerd, like toys and games and such). I don’t wanna waste time telling you a bunch of junk you don’t really care about, except that I created this blog in order to have a place to more officially post reviews that I’ve been doing on facebook. Sort of a small step up. We’ll see where it goes from here. Oh, and I’m a born-again Christian. But don’t worry, that won’t create a bias on any reviews… not REALLY even the type of movies I post about (I watch and play as much mature content media as the next guy).

Ok, whatevz, let’s do this!

About metalgrinch

Media lover and collector, freak over action/adventure games, classic old school, 80s/90s film/music, movies and pop culture, even lots of new school thingamabobs...and those other meticulous little things we tend to get snooty about. Sony fanboy for life \m/ (>_<) \m/

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