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Follow me on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook instead!

Hi all, I am just writing this brief post to inform any followers to this blog to instead follow my Youtube channel, which is also connected to my facebook community page as well as my instagram.

I have not written any blogs here in a long while, reason being because I simply I both do not have the time to write any reviews like the ones posted here, as well as just becoming more disinterested in the time taken to write a good review as opposed to video taping reviews. I simply have more fun doing it that way and it’s more time manageable. So far I’ve got almost 40 videos, all ranging from new and older movie and blu-ray reviews, retrospectives, unboxings, and collection showcases. Stuff that would not be as practical to write as opposed to video taping. So here are the links below:

So thank you all for following my blog and be sure to friend/follow me! I MAY come back to add more written reviews, but as of now my focus is primarily on video taping stuff as it’s just more enjoyable for me. So follow me there instead and I appreciate your views very much! See you all over there!

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Media lover and collector, freak over action/adventure games, classic old school, 80s/90s film/music, movies and pop culture, even lots of new school thingamabobs...and those other meticulous little things we tend to get snooty about. Sony fanboy for life \m/ (>_<) \m/

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