For Eternally Yours…

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As revealed alike ethereal dreams unexplained
From above His love relents from
Songs recycled as once came,
Creation’s roads amongst roses, thistles and thorns,
Life’s heaven light adorns
Sensing how mightily it yearns unwavering
Yet time savoring turmoils and what almost was,
Lastly becomes a praising of revelations as once
Blending of two souls whilst epic hymns of angels
Watching glows of a ceremony below as
A hand takes another in forever a dance of most
blessed romance as underlying enchants
Connecting alike mysteries throughout what histories
can only the Almighty bestow to
The children whom once walked lonesome now alive
Ponder of by what chance, do humans ask upon
enlightened glance and mortal eyes if not by some
divine predestined design to reverence?
Wholes of universes, miniscule of miracles He sought
Forth brought invisible through guardian’s guide,
Reaped joys embracing two blessed lives chasing
Love as only Song…

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